it have been a while

i can always blame other for everything wrong in my life but the truth is that i’m the only one to blame, i did all of this to my self i always fall for the wrong people for the wrong reason, and now i have to admit that i just wasted 20 years of my life, and still wasting time, all i ever want is to fall in love with someone who really love and care about me, i just want to live like any other girl a love story that i will never forget even if it did not last forever ,at least i will have something to tell to my grandchildren, i still can’t believe that i’m getting older every day without doing anything about it, i feel hopeless and i feel weak i feel empty nothing seems to matter anymore, i only feel alive when i dream at night. when i stop and think about what i did and what i’m going to do, i feel sick because really there’s nothing to say nothing to look forward, and i really wonder if i’m ever going to be happy or i just will continue this sadness, i know that no one care about me or even more what i think, but i still believe that there’s a god somewhere that will never disappoint me; i don’t ask too much if i’m not going to experience the feeling of falling in love: i only ask one thing, i want to explore the world i want something new in my life or i want my dream job to became reality, oh if there’s someone out there for me.. someone will love me no matter what … it have been a while since i write anything and i feel great right now thank you for listening



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