where’s my hope ?

it’s not that i don’t want any new friends or something like that, the truth is i’m just too scared that i realize that it’s me who have a problem letting people into my life ,to realize it’s me who can’t talks for hours and i’m not the one who can keep someone up on the phone all night maybe because i’m so boring !! that it’s me who always try to keep some distance ,that it’s me who is not easy to deal with, that i’m not the one who can be loved, that i’m not the type that men fall for,and that i’m just the one who can easily be forgotten,that i have a strange personality  and that i will never be a reason for someone to smile or to die for, and to admit that for sure if i die no one will really miss me ,yes they will cry for me maybe for hours or even days but nothing is going to change in their lives because really im not a part in any one’s life they can easily forget my existence … yet it’s easy for me to say that i didn’t find the one rather than say i couldn’t kept the one !



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