why I love tunisia ?

No, not only because it’s my hometown but also for its simplicity, it’s true that we don’t have skyscrapers or the newest technology, the best cars and the best roads but there’s something beautiful, something that attached you in every way and to every corner, because every space tell you a different story, the coast with it’s stunning beach and it’s powerful colors even looking at it for a few minutes could be the change you need from this life, and when I think about environment and healthy life, a breakout from the ordinary, I think about the north cause there’s nothing more beautiful than nature and green colors, trees and high mountains, and when you’re ready to put behind the hustle of city, of course I’d say the one and only desert in the south with it’s light colors, camels and joyful life it’s the perfect escape, and yet I still not even close of getting the whole picture of my perfect town, the combination of beauty


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