to the future me

Dear me, you’re two years older now, happy birthday darling, First, how many now? hope it’s a good choice this year… Second, I have to tell you that we’ve been living the same day over and over for 5 years now so please tell me that something change, at least some of our hopes had come true,  No more studing law? Please tell me you made it please… Is there’s someone in your life ? I know that being a priority in someone’s life has been always our dream so if you’re now with someone, I’m so sure he’s special so don’t forget to tell him how much he means to you. And something more I’m not going to say it cause I’m sure you won’t forget it hope it’s yours. And finally in case you forget I have to remind you that your my shinig star, you’re exactly what I want to be, and you’re the only one who has power to set you free so don’t let anyone convenience you otherwise! Take care love




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